Kevin Harrison


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2010 - "The Human Rights Project": Brussels, Vienna and Innsbruck

2009 - "Who Said Romance is Dead?": Shed Gallery Suffolk

           "Our Olympic Dream": Chisenhale Open Weekend, London

2008 - "Who Said Romance is Dead?": One Man Exhibition, Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Austria

2007 - "I Hate Art": St. John's Crypt Gallery, London

            "City People": London Arts Cafe, Hoxton, London

            "The World Lasts Because it Laughs": 18 Biennial of Humour & Satire, Bulgaria

            "A Man's Life": Treadwell Gallery (The Prison), Aigen, Austria

            "The Angry City": Chisenhale Studios, Bow, London

2006 - "Postcard Show": Surface Gallery, Nottingham

2005 - "Kevin Harrison's Wildlife": One Man Exhibition, Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Austria

2004 - "Positive Thoughts": Chisenhale Art Place Open Sudios, Bow, London

            "Fantasy Transport" Swiss Cottage, Library Gallery, London

            "Kevin Harrison, Malcolm Poynter, Geoffrey Turner" Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Austria

2003 - "Geneva Art Fair": Featured Artist, Nichols Treadwell Gallery

            "At the End of the Rainbow": Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Austria

            "Day of the Dead Singer" Marni Gallery, Hartlepool

2002 - "Over the Moon in June": Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Austria

            "Labyrinth" The Roundhouse, London

2001 - "Hanging on by a Thread" One Man Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Wales

            "Mixed Messages": Serpentine Gallery, London (selected by Hans Haake)

            "Small Works": One Man Exhibition, Cafe des Arts, Basel, Switzerland

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